We recently stumbled upon Be Love Eco Apparel, a company driven by what they refer to as “destiny”. Founded by KamGi Chak and Kyle Finch, they are committed to spreading the word about non-violence through their gorgeous, green clothing line.

Their mission is to educate, inspire and organize people to create justice and peace through nonviolence. We had the chance to chat with the founders of the company to see what drives them to fulfill this passion.

belove Be Love winner announced!

What led you in this direction to create BE LOVE?

We created Be Love to help us fund the Peace Education work that we do through our nonprofit partner Common Peace.

Be Love has been a natural way for us to live our core beliefs.
This work allows us to be creative and express ourselves through inspiring and eco friendly production and design.

All Be Love styles are our favorites, of course! So much of us goes into creating ones that we love. KamGi especially likes our long sleeve organic top in ocean blue with the Be Love design and Kyle digs the new organic charcoal T with the Peace Warrior design. (Note from ecoki: We love the simple, yet artistic, styles!)

Who is your ideal customer?

Our customers run the spectrum of old and young, male and female of all colors, shapes and sizes. Be Love attracts customers that love beauty and have a strong desire to buy and wear clothing that represents their core beliefs in environmental sustainability and nonviolence. Our customers support great work through their purchase of Be Love and this is very important to them.

What does the future hold for BE LOVE?

God only knows but we see a continuation of great new designs and purposeful products. We also look forward to growing peace studies and  activism around the principles of nonviolence to create positive changes in the communities we find ourselves in.

How do you live an eco-friendly lifestyle?

We think about the consequences of our actions and how they affect the earth that we will leave to our children grandchildren and so-forth.

We educate ourselves about the issues and challenges we face as people who are stewards of this planet.
We live simply so that others can simply live.

It doesn’t end there, though. We definitely recommend you check out their Peace Studies on their website. This is where we know that the company is driven to making a change, by providing easily attained resources at the tips of our fingers.

We also love that the crew at Be Love donates 10% of all sales to Common Peace, an organization that helps teach the principles of peace, nonviolence, and conflict resolution.  The rest of their profits go toward building nonviolence workshops and funding campaigns of non-violent direct action.

They say their t-shirts communicate a message of strength, compassion, and loving determination for peace and social justice. If that’s not enough, they look good, too.
Check them out at beloveforall.com


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