There is just something especially heartwarming about watching your toddler play in the tub. Whether it’s from maternal or paternal instinct or just the sheer joy of watching a tiny human taking a bath and having a blast in the water. When it comes to choosing what toys to get your young there are quite a few baby dolls you can consider.

Choosing what toys or dolls to pick out for your child can be a little difficult. Especially when every moment of your child’s first years is a learning experience as they begin to understand and interact with their environment. Every parent wants what is best for their child, and with so many options out there it may be hard to discern what to purchase. 

This selection of bath time baby dolls will help your child to learn in a variety of ways while playing in the tub, even boosting their confidence while taking a bath. These toys help to encourage nurturing skills and understand the importance of cleaning themselves, to just being plain good fun to play with within the water. Some float, some swim, and some of them even sing!

This list of dolls is full of exciting toys for your child to play with either in the bath, the pool, or even while at the beach.

Young Moana Bath Doll

Bath time baby doll - Yound Moana

A princess for a princess, talk about a fitting bath time baby doll.

This is Young Moana Doll from the Disney movie named after her. Young Moana is a great companion for your child, as she is adventurous, friendly, and has a great sense of self-confidence and family duty. If your child is a fan of the movie then she will just adore having the Young Moana Bath Doll as her friend.

Just think of all the adventures the two of them will have while they conquer the high seas together. The Moana Bath Doll is a great toy to help your child develop inventive and creative play skills, as well as overcome any fear of water.

In the movie, Moana is an adventurous and headstrong teenager who sets out on an adventure with a demi-god to reunite an ancient relic to the goddess of her people. A sea-faring and strong-willed young princess who eventually completes her task of empowering her people. If that’s not a role model companion for water scared tot, what is?

This doll comes with a little turtle that was frightened and threatened by predators who Moana protected, another great trait of this princess to impress on your little one. And true to the character of Moana, she comes with a hair flower clip that she can share with your daughter, helping her to feel like she is a princess of the ocean herself.

Cabbage Patch Kids Splash N’ Float Doll

This pool ready doll comes equipped with her very own inflatable unicorn floaty! 

Made from high-quality toxin-free vinyl, the body of this doll comes equipped with holes to drain any water absorbed during play in the bath or pool. A fun note about the vinyl that Cabbage Patch Kids Dolls vinyl is that they have a baby powder smell, which is sure to help comfort your child in case they have a developed a sense of water aversion, as many children commonly do.

Cabbage Patch Kids has been producing quality toddler toys for well over 30 years. This Splash N’ Float Doll is no exception to their craftsmanship and devotion to children’s toys.

Also, this doll is a collectible and ships with an adoption certificate and birth announcement!

Adora Bathtime Baby Unicorn

Your baby is a total unicorn, and this is the perfect doll to help encourage their self-confidence in how awesome they are! This is another great doll for helping to develop creative play and nurturing care.

This bath time baby doll comes with its own swimsuit, washcloth, and unicorn bathrobe, all of which are 100% machine washable. Also made out of soft vinyl, this baby doll is completely safe for use in the bathtub. As durable as it is endearing, this baby doll will provide hours of entertainment.

The neat features of this toy are that its eyes open and close, and can even suck its own thumb, which you will probably find yourself mindlessly doing because of just how freaking adorable it is watching your own little unicorn play with this baby doll.

Disney Princess Sing & Sparkle Ariel Doll

Disney has managed to capture the imagination of both children and adults for decades, and one of their most iconic Disney Princesses is Ariel the Mermaid. 

This Ariel doll has some highly entertaining features for your kid. When placed in water Ariel will sing “Under the Sea” and her tail will light up creating an underwater concert for your little gal. If the seashell necklace is pushed Ariel will sing “Part of Your World” and has a series of other quotes from the movie she will say. 

Just like the Moana Bath Doll above, Ariel is a perfect bath time baby doll companion for your child because she is also a princess of the sea and daughter of King Neptune. Your child’s father will definitely get a big head over that.

Ariel is a princess who is adventurous, charming, somewhat feisty, and has a bubbly personality. This should match any little girl fairly well. This is a really creative and fun bath time baby doll created after an iconic Disney princess. You really can’t go wrong with this baby bath time doll.

Adora Water Baby Doll

This is another awesome doll from the Adora collection. 

This doll is made from the same toxin-free vinyl as the other dolls listed above, and also has a baby powder scent. A unique feature of this baby doll is that it has a quick-drying body, meaning that from the pool to the car, the baby doll will likely be dry. This should save you the worry of getting your child’s car seat wet on the way home.

The fun feature of this baby doll is that it also comes with an adorable sprinkle donut inflatable that is ready for the beach, pool, or bath. Besides the inflatable this doll comes dressed in an adorable striped swimsuit, a classic throwback to traditional baby swimsuits, and also comes with its own blue beach towel with a donut printed on it.

Corolle Mon Premier Bebe Bath Baby Doll

This adorable baby doll is designed and made in France and exclusive to the U.S. market. So if you like to get your child only the best of anything, this may very well be the baby doll companion you are looking for.

Unlike Adora and Cabbage Patch Dolls, the vinyl this baby doll is made with is scented with the soothing smell of vanilla, which is unique to the Corolle Mon Premier line of baby dolls.

Another nice feature of this particular bath time baby doll is that it is designed with the ability to float, which means you can easily allow your child to play with this doll in many aquatic environments. You can take this doll to the pool or beach with confidence that it will stay on the top of the water, and not get lost to waves or sink.

This doll also has eyes that open and close, so when your child decides it is time to nap this baby doll can realistically sleep next to her.

The clothes of the doll also have a sewn-in patch to write your child’s name in, for those just in case scenarios when you or your child may accidentally leave this unique doll behind at the daycare on those rushed evenings.

Electric Swimming Baby Doll

Bath time baby dolls

This inventive baby doll actually swims on its own! 

This baby doll is battery operated and can breaststroke and kick its legs, allowing it to swim when in the water. It’s battery operated by 3 AAA batteries, not included, and comes with an adorable swimsuit and goggles. 

This is an excellent pool companion for your child, as she will most likely become curious about swimming and likely try it for herself. This doll is a perfect companion for your daughter if you are one of the more athletically minded parents out there. Get them started young! Your little princess will turn into an Olympic athlete in no time.

The best part about this purchase is that you will receive a pair of these dolls. This doll will be sure to entertain your child in a variety of aquatic environments.

Bathtub Baby Doll

This is a great accessory toy for your child to play with while taking a bath to help them understand the importance of cleanliness and how to clean themselves. 

This baby doll comes with a tub, wash towel, shampoo, diaper, shampoo, towel, robe, headband, and an adorable little rubber dolphin. This doll is a great educational tool for your child to build good hygiene habits. Not to mention how funny it will be to watch a baby in a tub play with a baby in a tub.

 While this baby doll can easily be played with outside of the tub, water-friendly and encouraging for your baby to play with while in the tub. 

Baby Alive Baby Shark Doll

“Baby Shark, Doo, Doo, Doo,”

If you haven’t heard of this hit song by the group Pinkfong yet, you really should. And after you decide you love it, let your child listen to it. Then this bath time baby doll will quickly become one of your kids’ favorite possessions.

This unique bath time baby doll was inspired by the now-infamous song of the same name from Pinkfong. This baby doll comes dressed up in a removable shark costume. Whether in the tub or not this one of a time pop culture baby doll will provide your kid hours of fun. Can you imagine how many times you will hear the phrase, “Baby Shark!”

Baby Alive Shimmer n’ Splash Mermaid Doll

Baby Alive Shimmer n’ Splash Mermaid Bath Time Baby Doll

This bath time baby doll transforms into a mermaid in a flash.

The skirt of this particular doll unfolds with a quick swishing motion from a skirt into a mermaid’s tail. The material of both the skirt and top of this doll is made from a highly luminescent and glittery material, giving it shimmer and shine when exposed to the right light. Underwater the Shimmer N’ Splash doll becomes its own light show. This will be sure to fill your tot with gleeful cackles of laughter as they dive into and out of the water together.

The doll also comes with her water bottle that she actually can drink from and then wets her diaper. This feature will help your child develop nurturing thoughtfulness, as well as helping your child become more aware of herself down the road when you begin potty training if you haven’t already.

While You are Deciding

While you are trying to figure out which one, or more, of these dolls, maybe the most fitting toy to get your tiny little adorable human, all of these dolls provide highly rich mental stimulation for your child in many ways. Whether it’s through the learning of self-cleaning, or the development of nurturing behaviors or simply encouraging creativity, there is a lot to be gained from getting your child a bath time baby doll.

Toys are a great way to provide mental stimulation for your child. As toddlers, kids are always exploring their environment, they even begin to learn the fundamentals of socialization through playing with dolls such as these.

One thing to point out is that almost all of these dolls are machine washable, with the exception of the Disney Princess Sing N’ Splash Ariel and the Baby Alive Baby Shark Doll. It is not advised to try to put these dolls in the dry because vinyl has a generally low melting point and may accidentally damage these dolls.