Washing your face in the morning should be a pleasant experience, as you scrub with mild soap, refresh your pores, and rejuvenate yourself for the day ahead. But the moment is surrendered the second you begin to dry off with your overused, thin face cloth.

We talked about DreamSacks in our article DreamSacks surrounds you in a good night’s sleep, touching on their uber eco-friendliness, and the awesome ways they give back to the planet. bamboodreams-towelsWe’ve received the opportunity to cleanse ourselves of any doubt that bamboo is the optimal choice for surrounding our bodies and wiping residual drips post-shower.

BambooDreams wash cloths are manufactured from bamboo, giving you the softest possible way to pamper your skin. The natural high absorbency of bamboo fabric make them 400% more absorbent than cotton and have natural antibacterial properties to inhibit unpleasant odors. These natural qualities also makes them non-irritating and hypoallergenic.

The softness of bamboo pleased our skin, and the thickness added extra warmth and comfort. It made us question any other type of toweling material we’ve ever experienced, and soon, mentally decided to make the switch to bamboo for the rest of our bathrooms.

BambooDreams towels and cloths are available in natural, undyed versions, but also come in a low-impact, azo-free dye in two hues: rain and green tea. All have a lovely, neutral colour, perfectly complementing any decor, with a gentle reminder of the natural colours that are contained in our planet.

We’ve highlighted many great things about DreamSacks in our other articles, including their initiatives and what we love about their clothing. But we have to point out their shipping methods, too.

DreamSacks takes measures to ensure that their shipping is right on target. Using 100% recycled cardboard boxes or envelopes, as well as compostable bags, they truly take the measures to ensure all standards are achieved in their level of sustainability. We received a set of wash cloths and pajamas, and both were fit snugly in an oversize envelope, with no additional packaging materials (except for a catalogue, which is made with recycled paper). We highly commend this effort!

DreamSacks is an eco-business on all accounts, and their products match their efforts in keeping it green. If you want to wrap yourself in luxury, while staying sustainable in countless ways, you must check out everything they have to offer.

BambooDreams Ribbed Towels

70% Viscose from Bamboo
30% Organic Cotton

Available in Natural Undyed, Rain & Green Tea

Wash Cloths – Sets of 2 – 13″x13″ – $11.50
Hand Towels – Sets of 2 – 16″x30″ – $27.50
Bath Towels – Sets of 2 – 30″x54″ – $89.50
Bath Sheet – Individually – 36″x70″ – $69.00

Visit DreamSacks, and see our pajama review and company profile.