Soft. Supple, even. Wrapping yourself in luxury just got easier with a super comfortable line of bamboo-based towels, making bath time just that much better.Luxury, yes, is the only way to describe the towels from American Family Naturally, a company dedicated to bringing you the best in eco-friendly products.american-family-naturally-bamboo-towels

Started by two sisters who grew up living and exploring nature at its finest, they soon developed an emotional connection with the environment that they could not ignore.

American Family Naturally strives to bring you the absolute best in eco-friendly goods, whether its clothing for men, women and baby, gear for your pet, or items for your home or car. All products they carry meet and exceed eco-expectations – and it shows through the quality that they carry.

Their bamboo towels are no exception. The high thread count and fine quality deliver an indulgence that is perfect for pampering. Made of 100% organic bamboo, it combines the bonuses of bamboo as a material, with a gorgeous and comfortable feel to the fabric. 

Bamboo, as we’ve often highlighted, is a renewable source with many positive health benefits. Those allergic and with sensitive skin can feel at ease with its hypo-allergenic properties, and it’s deceiving durability is thanks to rejecting mold and mildew. It’s also anti-microbial and anti-static, making it an all-around good choice for your go-to towel.

But what we like most is its ability to absorb. Despite its cashmere-like thinness, bamboo is sixty percent more absorbent than Egyptian cotton, which is often the towel material of choice.

We also love their variety of colours, all of which the towels retain wash after wash. Made with Oeko-tex 100 Class1 dyes – meaning harm-free – they are completely void of any additional pesticides and chemicals.  American Family Naturally ensures that what you’re getting is high quality and comfort with a greener twist.

Bath Towel
55 x 27 x .5 inches / 1lb

Organic Bamboo Wash Cloth
12 x .5 inches / 0.25lbs

Organic Bamboo Hand Towels
30 x 20 x .5 inches / 0.5lbs

Available in black pearl, charcoal grey, chocolate brown, midnight blue, pearl white, roasted almond, sage green, soft pink, steel blue, storm grey, or our favorite, sunny yellow.