With Easter around the corner, there are plenty of ways to celebrate while keeping it friendly to our planet. From decorating to basket making to recipes, here are our top eco-Easter tips.

The Candy-Free Easter Basket

There are plenty of ways to give your kids an exciting Easter basket without making it a chocolate and confectionery explosion. Consider gifting them with a few good quality, low sugar, and organic options to fulfill the sweets quota, then top the rest of the basket with toys, certificates, and more. Check out our Nine Candy-Free Easter Basket Ideas, each with a theme that will suit whatever your kids love, with everything from gardening, to sleep overs, to video gamers, to art supplies.

All-Natural Egg Dyes

Egg kits are notorious to contain little tablets made from chemicals. Though they are easy to use and create great-looking eggs, they also inevitability gets on your (and your kids’) skin, which, in turn, absorbs the additives into your systems. These food colourings have been linked to various developmental issues, such as ADHD. Lucky for us, it’s super easy to Dye Your Own Eggs Naturally.

Delicious Spring Produce

With Spring finally in the air, one thing is for certain: we are basking in the produce that comes along with it! Our favourites include fresh artichokes, completely worth the prep time; slender, green asparagus stalks that are tender and delicious; antioxidant and fibre-rich blueberries, perfect for pie; sweet plump peas excellent for a Mint Pea Soup; crisp, bright stalks of rhubarb in a simple, but Classic Rhubarb Pie; mixed and matched with brightly colored, plump strawberries. Check out all our tips in Spring Produce 101. berries with their leaves intact.

Fiddleheads Two Ways

If you want to serve your guests something a little different, opt for fiddle heads. These little spirals carry a nutritional kick of carotenoids and phenol compounds, both of which make fiddleheads an antioxidant powerhouse. What does that mean for our bodies? They can halt the growth of cancer-causing cells and taste amazing, too. Read more about preparing these little veggies, along with some recipes, in The 411 on Fiddleheads.

Organic Easter Basket Candies and Chocolate

Instead of using Easter baskets, try reusable bags. Swap that shredded recycled paper for plastic Easter grass, and enjoy  dinner filled with organic, local ingredients. But the most important part of Easter? Keeping those goodies; just make sure that they are Organic Easter Treats instead.

The Easter Lily

If you’re visiting family or friends over the holidays, consider giving them a lily as a gift. With their large, bright white, trumpet-shaped flowers, subtle yet notable fragrance, and beautiful simplicity, Easter lilies are a traditional Easter-time bloom that brings brightness to any room. If you’re not sure how to take care of it, whether it is your own or to offer others some advice, here is our Easy Guide to Easter Lilies.

Make Your Own Easter Grass

Growing your own Easter grass is far more environmentally friendly than the plastic scraps you use to fill your children’s baskets. Even better, it is a great activity for the family to do together. All you need are wheat berries/seeds, vermiculite or potting soil, a basket to grow it in, a spray bottle filled with water, a piece of plastic, cellophane, or similar to line the basket, and a sunny spot. Here are the instructions for DIY Easter Grass.

Recycling the Egg Cartons

After we sit with our families, friends, and children in our  kitchens, dipping hard-boiled eggs into food colouring solutions to create a vibrant creations,  what can we do with those left over containers? Luckily, egg cartons are perfect for a dozen convenient household tips and techniques. These are our favourite ways to Reuse Egg Cartons After Easter.