Researchers from CSIRO have discovered that by adding air, you can use up to a third less water when you shower.
air shower Air shower reduces water flowScientists have developed an “air shower” device that works in existing showerheads, filling the droplets with a tiny air bubble. The result, then, feels the exact same, but uses much less water.

The crew from  CSIRO Manufacturing Materials Technology in Melbourne, claim the device increases the shower stream’s volume while simultaneously reducing amount of water by approximately thirty percent.

The average household uses roughly 200,000 litres of water per year, showers reigning about a third of this. Not only will the  Aerated Showerhead save a substantial amount of water, but also save you a few dollars, too. And because it delivers the sensation of a steady water stream either way, it definitely is a great move towards living green – while staying just as clean.

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