If you have a lot on the go, it can be pretty easy to get stressed out. A constant stream of drivel is enough to make any of us go a little crazy!

Here are our top 8 ways to relieve stress – completely naturally.

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Sounds like the obvious choice, right? But here’s the thing: a steady mind/body practice such as meditation can bring complete balance to your life. Research has shown that when you slow your heart rate and relax specific muscles, it can offset the effects of our body’s response to stress. Even more, it can help clear your head. Even just five minutes a day when you wake up or before you go to bed can centre you in the right place.

Get Moving

It’s true that working out is good for your body, but physically active folks feel less depressed and anxious than those that aren’t. Aerobic exercise can increase our levels of norepinephrine, a chemical that helps our brain and body deal with stress. Get moving for at least 30 minutes, about 5 or 6 times a week.

Ditch the Refined Carbohydrates

Refined carbohydrates, like in desserts, white flour, and candy, can make our cortisol levels go through the roof – a trigger to stress. Instead, focus on omega-3 rich foods, vitamin B5, which helps with cortisol, and cutting back on caffience – a natural stimulant.

Leave Technology Alone

If checking your email is a constant task, think twice about how needed it might be, especially when you first wake up or right before you go to bed. When you start and end the day by constantly being plugged in, it gets us right into work mode before we have a moment to relax. Same goes if you’re mindlessly scrolling through social media in the morning and at night. Put your laptop or phone away.

Open Your Ears

Research shows that listening to music, especially classical music, may help us unwind a little faster than we thought. This type of music can calm the mind and body, because they produce two tones of similar frequencies into each ear. Called binaural beats, this creates a beat at a certain frequency in the mind, and the brain naturally falls into sync with it.

Juggle When Needed

Instead of multitasking constantly, choose to do it when it counts. Eat lunch on your lunch hour, for example, instead of spending it working, typing emails, and talking with a client. Pick one day a week where you work through your to-do list, and get it all done.

Learn To Say No

Sometimes, we give and do and work and are constantly on the go – and we just can’t get our stuff done. After all of this giving and doing, you’ll no longer be great at anything. Sure, you’ll still be a good employee, friend, parent, spouse, or sibling, but you’ll never achieve to be the best you can be. Make time to rest and think twice before taking on new tasks. Sometimes, saying no is a good thing.

Do Something You Love

Studies show that creative outlets help individuals relax. Any sort of stress-reducing activities, as DIY spa treatments, takes our focus away from our own thoughts and worries. Arts and crafts are a common outlet, but really, just do something you love! What is important is the fact that you’re engaging in something that will take your mind off of the stress, and it is something that you fully enjoy.

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