You’ve heard it before… “breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” Yeah, we know, but sometimes we just don’t have time!

Sure, you could wake up an extra half hour earlier, but that would mean… waking up an extra half hour earlier. Is our stomach really worth it?

The answer, obviously, is yes. Our poor body is craving some food to “break the fast” (get it?) from not eating since the night before.

Luckily, we don’t have to sacrifice our sleep to satisfy our stomach. Here are five great breakfast ideas that you can quickly throw together and get out the door.

(And no, none of them include heading over to the local drive-thru for a calorie and sodium-laden meal).

The Sandwich and Wrapbreakfast wrap 300x225 5 breakfasts for on the go

Sure, we can opt for a traditional ham-and-cheese, or veggie-and-hummus, but breakfast sandwiches also serve as the perfect hand-held meal. Make your favourite breakfast scramble (tofu or egg), add some lettuce and tomato and a squirt of mustard, and head out the door. Tortillas, a couple slices of bread, and pitas all make for the perfect home for our favourite fixings.

The Smoothie

We’ve written before how much we love smoothies – especially the green kind – and bringing it in a bottle makes for easy transport. It’s super easy to put some frozen fruits, along with a protein source, a few healthy nuts and seeds, some nondairy milk or yogurt, and even a little all-natural hemp protein before in a blender. Press the “on” button, slip on your jacket and shoes, and it’ll be done in a jiffy.

The Fruit

Pair your favourite fruit along with a little protein and fat and you have yourself a complete meal. When you eat fruit on its own, the natural sugars absorb quickly into your bloodstream, unleashing some hunger in just about an hour. Fat and protein slow down the absorption, making the sastifaction lasting a few hours instead. If you’re in a pinch, grab an apple and a handful of almonds, or portion off some peanut or nut butter in a container the night before for dipping.

The Muffin

A muffin, a couple clementines, and a hard-boiled egg makes for an easy breakfast prepared days in advance. Use any of our super easy and quick banana bread recipes to prepare a dozen muffins instead. Simply bake for about 20 to 25 minutes, instead of the allotted time for the loaf.

The Coffee

For some, coffee is the go-to-breakfast of choice. But really, you should try rounding it out. Opt for a piece of whole grain toast slathered with some peanut or nut butter and half of a banana sliced on top. You’ll get all your food groups and stay satisfied throughout the morning, with this perfect combination of complex carbohydrates, fat, and protein.

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