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Build a villa in just three days: Attachment

Feeling ambitious? Perhaps you’d like to build a villa in, oh, three days. Don’t think it can be done? Think again.

40 seconds, one year, one view: Attachment

Over the course of one year, a clever artist captured images from the exact same spot peering out his window.  Gorgeous, fascinating, and nature-inspired – we love it.


Love yoga? So do we. And when we came across this awesome video, we couldn’t help but share! A group of folks posted this over at vimeo, filmed back in 2005.

How to build a worm composting bin: Attachment

Ever wanted to build your own composting bin? What about a worm-based composting bin? Never heard of it? It’s time you had.


Although in Spanish, this video is a great pictorial on animal consumption and the environment, outlining the benefits and affects of vegetarian diets and the planet.

Aquaponics 101: Attachment

Ever heard of Aquaponics? It’s a new approach to food production that focuses on cultivating plants and fish in a single, symbiotic relationship.

Tony Gonzalez’s vegan smoothie: Attachment

Football is manly. Really, it is. But veganism? Many people don’t think this is the most male-driven cuisine. However, some folks would disagree.