Since saying goodbye to my Otesha times in Regina, I’ve been to many places the last 2 weeks, met many awesome people, and clocked a lot of km’s! I’ve been flying through the prairies making quick connections through, and for places to stay and people to meet, and meeting with the rocky mountains at Bow valley, taking me only 6 days of travel!tofino-harbour-mountains

Pairing up with my newly acquired friend Gaelen from which we (Otesha) stayed with his family outside of Lloydminster. Together we’ve quarreled with unbelievable amounts of rain, climbed up to Rogers pass, froze to death climbing down, camped in orchards, and to pay for camping there we’d pick fruit.

It’s been awesome the last week riding with one person and no specific destination in mind, but just the other day while taking a solo ride, I accidentally stumbled upon one of my previous Otesha tour members, Tyler! Now together the three of us will continue our journey west from Kelowna (where I am now), climbing through the , cruise down into Vancouver and into the pacific coast!

I’m going to spend a bit of time there picking some fruit, visiting friends and making friends, but not too long and soon enough I should be back riding with Evelyn (my bike) down into sunny California, and that’s about all I have really planned yet, we’ll see.

Keep reading I’ll get to another computer soon to keep you filled in on my journey.

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