Have a couple tubes of lip balm lying about? If they’ve been around for a bit, you might not want to apply them to your pucker, but they’re still in top-notch condition for household help.

And just a head’s up – you might want to veto some of these ideas if your choice of lip balm is a vibrant pink, strawberry-scented selection.

Slip off a stubborn ring
After attempts to remove a snug-fitting ring, wait ’til the swelling smooths and coat your finger with lip balm. It’ll slide to freedom.

Zip or unzip with ease
Have a stuck zipper? Rub a little lip balm on the teeth, then zip and unzip a few times to get it into the crevasses. Soon it’ll be set free.

Prevent windburn – on your whole face
Cold, wintry winds blowing in your direction? Regardless if you’re walking home from work or swooping down a ski hill, rub lip balm on your face before you step outside, for a barrier from the blizzardy air.lipbalm

Slide in those screws
Rub a dap or two of lip balm over screws and nails before they are drilled and pounded into wood, making the motion a little more fluid.

Tame wild face tresses
Have unruly brows or a mischievous mustache? Use a little lip balm to put them in their place.

Nab those nicks
Slice some of your skin a swipe from a razor? Dab with a little lip balm to obstruct the ooze.

Dab it on drawers
Have a little on hand to apply onto the tracks of drawers and the like, for easier opening and shutting.

Lube the light bulbs
When outdoor lights are exposed to the elements, they snugly wedge themselves in place and hard to remove. Before screwing it in, coat the threads with lip balm, making later removal a breeze.

Make other makeup
Mix a little with your powder blush or eye shadows to make long lasting cream-versions of your favourites.

Counteract the colour
If you’re keen on self-colouring your hair, apply some balm to the hairline first, saying goodbye to scrubbing those stains after the fact.

Take it where it’s tender
Runny nose from your cold or allergies, vibrant red from wiping and blowing? Apply some lip balm tot he red, tender areas to relieve the pain.

Shine your shoes
In a pinch, rub a smidgen of lip balm over the leather and then buff with a dry cloth.

Have a great lip balm tip? We’d love to know! Tell us about it below.

Image courtesy of burtsbees.com

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