Radio control is a hobby enjoyed by millions of people of all ages in countries around the world. Some simply enjoy building and playing with their models, while others love the thrill of building a model for competition. There are even associations for RC model enthusiasts, such as the American Model Yachting Association (AMYA). This organization offers information, resources and events for beginner and experienced RC enthusiasts.

The Appeal of RC Ship Models

Adding radio control to a ship model transforms the hobby from something that is done indoors to active outdoor recreation. Building and sailing RC boats is a hobby that is enjoyed by everyone from beginners to expert model builders and racing enthusiasts. You can find high quality radio controlled wooden ship models at Premier Ship Models for builders of all levels of experience.

The Origins of Radio Control

Radio control was initially demonstrated by Nikola Tesla when the inventor showed a boat with radio control in the late 1800s. The technology continued to be developed in the ensuing years, originally for tactical use in World War II, and later for use in toys and devices built by individuals and hobbyists.

How RC Boats Work

Radio control works by sending radio signals from a remote control to the vehicle being controlled. The remote control is a small transmitter that sends signals to the vehicle, causing an intended reaction in the circuits in the boat or vehicle. These signals cause the vessel to move and turn according to the directions of the operator.

Types of RC Ship Models

Whether you are brand new to this exciting hobby or have built numerous models and RC models in the past, there are kits available to suit your preferences and expertise level. Radio controlled boats can be found for a broad range of sailing vessels, such as historical and modern sailing yachts, catamarans, tug boats, power boats, speedboats, military vessels, pilot boats, tankers, cruise ships, and many other types of vessels.

Building Your Own RC Model

Complete kits are sold for building RC model boats + RC sailboat + RC yacht models. The model kit comes with the components needed to build the model and set up the radio control functions. Follow the directions included with the model to build an exact replica of your favourite type of vessel and set up the radio control components to enjoy sailing your new creation.

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