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How to de-stress and meditate: Attachment

If you’re finding your life is getting high stress or you need to achieve some balance in your life, meditation can help. It’s an easy, free method for the ultimate destressor–and here are some tips to get you started.

New eco-friendly fitness products: Attachment

Spring is finally on its way in, and for a lot of people, that means re-lacing those running shoes and getting back into shape with the motivation of the warm weather.

The 7 Chakras (and why you should know them): Attachment

If you don’t know already, the seven Chakras are the energy centres in our body, where energy comes together and flows.

Finding your bliss with Transformative Yoga: Attachment

Whether we are seasoned yogis and yoginis or just stepping foot into the world of yoga, connecting to a practice that is 5,000 years old is as relevant today as it was back then.

You-ga: personalizing your yoga practice: Attachment

Like stainless steel waterbottles and motorized scooters, yoga is making its way into the lives of many individuals. Regardless of age, profession, or ailment, more people are breathing, stretching, and flowing into various levels or yogis and yoginis.


Love yoga? So do we. And when we came across this awesome video, we couldn’t help but share! A group of folks posted this over at vimeo, filmed back in 2005.

Taking yoga to the next level: Attachment

In search for “hot yoga” in my area, I stumbled upon Moshka Yoga, a discipline of the ancient art driven to attain enlightenment.

Yoga Paws bring your practice anywhere: Attachment

Nothing can be more frustrating than trying to be consistent in a fitness routine, but living a live filled with business trips, traveling, and, well, an inconsistent life.

Confessions of a yogini wannabe: Attachment

I wrote an article once about my first adventures in yoga. I re-read it recently (about a year after my first step into the yoga studio) and think it’s fitting for the new life that breathes with Springtime.

Yogo’s clothing for yoga: Attachment

It’s no question that yogawear isn’t just for yogis and yoginis anymore. Instead, it’s become the comfort clothing staple, with fabrics and styles that can easily take you to the gym, office,  grocery store, or even to  bed.