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Showering with a clean conscience: Attachment

Have you ever wondered exactly how much water it takes to keep a family of four clean and fresh for a year?

21 Ways to Save Water: Attachment

Though we might not think of it as readily as shutting out the lights, conserving water is just as essential for doing better for our planet.

Idea: eco-friendly Plantbook that emits O2: Attachment

Most technology is becoming more eco-friendly, so a new design that takes this to the next level caught our interest: the oxygenated notebook.

The Low-Flow Toilet: Attachment

Toilets use a lot water to get the dirty work done. However, with the advent of low-flow toilets, we can save loads, making it more efficient and saving energy, too.

Why avoid bottled water?: Attachment

Bottled water has been under scrutiny for its health conscious claims due to emerging clinical data that reveals the contrary. Bottled water also poses a wide range of health and environmental problems

Mapping illicit drug use through water samples: Attachment

Researchers at Oregon State University have discovered patterns of illegal drug use using samples from untreated waste water.

Water you really drinking?: Attachment

Bottled water vs. tap water. The choice may not seem as important as hybrid vs. SUV or even incandescent vs. CFL, but there are few decisions we face as frequently as the choice in drinking water.

Artificial sweeteners put to good use: Attachment

We hear the countless speculations that artificial sweeteners may have a negative effect on our health, but the news isn’t so sweet for the environment either. In turn, this might be the answer scientists are looking for.

Aquafina doles out the Eco-fina: Attachment

Aquafina, the bottled water company from PepsiCo, has revamped their old bottle into one more fit for the environment.

Toronto City Hall: truly green?: Attachment

When the white tents were erected at Nathan Philips Square in Toronto for the biannual Toronto Fashion Week, an insider to the runway room is guaranteed to see hundreds of guests on a daily basis