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Eco-photographers: check out this contest!: Attachment

Are you someone who loves the environment, and has a flair for photography? You could win a trip to Costa Rica or a new camera!

Natural resources losing the climate change battle: Attachment

Glaciers have been hit hard with the impact of global warming, but tourists visiting the natural gems are further progressing the affects of climate change.

Sustainable spring break travel: Attachment

Planning a getaway this spring break? Want to do something different than your typical all-inclusive vacation? Consider taking a trip of sustainable sorts, instead.

Sustainable and eco-friendly travel ideas: Attachment

Planning a 2012 getaway? Now is the perfect time: more and more eco-friendly destinations are popping up left and right on the radar.

Winter camping 101: Attachment

I’ll be honest. No matter how “green” I am, I don’t like camping. I don’t like being immersed in the woods, and one with nature. But for some reason, some folks do.

Eco-tourism: the least visited National Parks: Attachment

Looking for a getaway that is a little out of the ordinary? We’ve scoured the 8 least visited National Parks across the States, all out of the way but guaranteed for great travel.

Eco-friendly whale watching tours in Victoria, BC: Attachment

Visiting Victoria, British Columbia is already an amazing trip in itself. But add whale watching to the mix, and you’ll have a trip you’ll never forget.

Sustainable Photo Contest: Attachment

Do you take great photos, featuring sustainability? And, of course, are you interested in winning a six-day eco-inspired trip to Guatamala? Then keep reading.

9 ways to save money on vacation: Attachment

Although some vacations are inevitably expensive at the purchase point, there are loads of ways to save money once you’re there enjoying the beach, exhibits, or local culture.

The Rainforest Alliance launches the SmartLodge: Attachment

Interested in learning how sustainable travel and tourism benefits local communities? The Rainforest Alliance is giving us the details, along with