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Sustainable and eco-friendly travel ideas: Attachment

Planning a 2012 getaway? Now is the perfect time: more and more eco-friendly destinations are popping up left and right on the radar.

Eco-friendly whale watching tours in Victoria, BC: Attachment

Visiting Victoria, British Columbia is already an amazing trip in itself. But add whale watching to the mix, and you’ll have a trip you’ll never forget.

Other eco-volunteer opportunities: Attachment

We already told you about GoEco, a sustainable business that connects adventurers with volunteerism, in our article Global eco-volunteerism with GoEco .

Top 10 eco-resorts from Coastal Living: Attachment

Planning a relaxing getaway? Before you do, opt for a vacation that highlights a hideaway without making an imprint in the planet. Coastal Living Magazine has recently unveiled the 10 Best Coastal Eco-Resorts.

Offset your next flight with Attachment

If your next vacation is only accessible from a flight, has developed a great way to keep your traveling planet-friendly. Launched by Hume Travel just over a year ago, is Canada’s organization devoted to climate-conscious customers.

Lonely Planet’s eco-guide: Code Green: Attachment

If you aren’t familiar with Lonely Planet, you might be alone. Lonely Planet Publications are one of the largest travel guidebook publishers in the world. At first aimed at backpackers and low-cost travelers, they’ve continued to expand, and have published over 500 titles.