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Why 3D printing is good for the environment: Attachment

Three-dimensional (3D) printing is a manufacturing process that can create any solid, 3D item from a digital model. Because the process is additive, it is unique and unlike most others.

Three apps for picking the right produce: Attachment

If you’re finding yourself confused on which produce to purchase while at the grocery store or market, just like everything else in life, there’s an app for that. In fact, there are a whole bunch.

The newest in hybrids: Toyota Avalon: Attachment

The latest in 2013 hybrids is the all-new Toyota Avalon, a large and luxurious mid-sized sedan sold exclusively in North America. If you’re looking for a new car–or might be tempted by the option–this is one to take notice of.

The newest in hybrids (and why you’ll want one): Attachment

We often change our television’s channels and see a variety of ads for everything hybrid, and though every step toward free, clean energy is a step in the right direction, there are some companies that take leaps.

Greener flying machines for NASA: Attachment

NASA is hitting the drawing board for revamping their current aircrafts to make better fuel-driven machines to be built by the year 2025.

Idea: eco-friendly Plantbook that emits O2: Attachment

Most technology is becoming more eco-friendly, so a new design that takes this to the next level caught our interest: the oxygenated notebook.

The best eco-apps for iPad and iPad2: Attachment

So you’ve got an iPad or iPad2 and you’ve downloaded a myriad of apps. But do you have any green ones on that list? It’s about time you do.

Eco-friendly earphones by thinksound: Attachment

We sure love our music. iPods and MP3 players are quite constantly plugged into our ears. Unfortunately, they aren’t exactly made of 100% eco-friendly materials. But don’t worry – your earphones can be.

Organic batteries?: Attachment

A new development of organic batteries is paving the way to a toxin-free alternative. Chemists have discovered a new way to pass the electrons between two molecules to create the earth-friendly charge.

Top 9 eco-friendly Kindle picks: Attachment

So you have a Kindle and you love it. Either that, or it’s on a wish list that you’re certain will be fulfilled soon. But having your favourite books, newspapers and magazines at your fingertips isn’t its only function.