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Has coffee met its “matcha?”: Attachment

Next to water, tea is undeniably the most popular beverage on earth. A favourite in Asia for over 5,000 years, this ubiquitous product is now encroaching upon consumer markets perpetually dominated by coffee and even soft drinks.

Do you love chocolate? Tea? Snacks? Buy these.: Attachment

Man, chocolate is delicious. And I’m talkin’ the good stuff. Not those random waxy bunnies that fill up your Easter basket. Paired with a tea? Awesome combination.

Steeping and sipping: the tea low-down: Attachment

Beating out pop and juice,and even coffee, tea is the choice drink for the majority of folks in the world, next to good ol’ H2O. According to The Tea Association of Canada,  Canadians consume

Get creative with refreshing picnic drinks: Attachment

Planning summer picnics are a great way to spend time together and enjoy the gorgeous weather. Healthy, delicious choices for our picnic fare rate far above fast-food fried chicken, bags of potato chips, and sugar-laden pops and juices.


As the weather moves closer to Summer, its time to take advantage of the sun’s warmth. And the best way to do it? Make some tea without heating up your kitchen or using energy-draining kettles.