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Avoiding sun could lead to vitamin D deficiency: Attachment

Even though we all are aware that we need vitamin D, and the best place to get it is from the sun, we’re also told over and over to avoid sun exposure.

Storing solar energy for later use: here’s how: Attachment

A new way to store the sun’s heat is using modified carbon nanotubes. These can store solar power indefinitely, later to be recharged by the sun.

Berries are a barrier to sun damage: Attachment

You might already be familiar with the facts that berries are powerful antioxidants, high in fibre, and are deliciously sweet, but new research shows they may be responsible for keeping wrinkles at bay, too.

IKEA goes solar-powered: Attachment

It’s been a long wait since Ikea’s claims last year of their intent to start selling solar products. They’ve finally come through with a variety of solar-powered LED lights designed for outdoor use.

Lack of vitamin D linked to teenage obesity: Attachment

We recently explained to you the benefits of vitamin D in our article Nature’s vitamin: D . This vitamin which stems from the sunshine has been linked to reducing the risk of many cancers, age related cognitive decline, and Multiple Sclerosis.

Nature’s vitamin: D: Attachment

Regardless that Daylight Savings Time and the extra hour of sunlight that (most) communities receive each day, that might not mean much if you’re seldom out in the sun. In fact, most people aren’t receiving enough rays to help their bodies create vitamin D.