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Whole grain summer-studded salads: Attachment

The warm weather often leads to cravings of fresh, produced-based dishes. But a bevy of bright vegetables doesn’t always leave us completely fulfilled.

Relieving bites, stings, and summer skin irritations: Attachment

Now that summer is upon us, so is the heat and humidity. And so, this leaves us more and more susceptible to stings, bites, and irritations from summertime vermin.

Top tips for summer skin safety: Attachment

It sure is tempting to head to the beach and catch some rays. Chances are, there’s been times that you’ve nixed the sunscreen in favour of a golden glow from head to toe.

Six vegan side dish ideas for the long weekend: Attachment

Whether you’re celebrating Canada Day or the Fourth of July, one thing is the same: we all love a backyard barbecue. Regardless if you’re slapping beef or veggie burgers on the grill,

How to keep your house cool this summer: Attachment

So I don’t know about you, but where I am from, we’re hitting record highs in the temperature department (and that’s without the massive humidex attached!)

Attracting backyard wildlife: Attachment

Take a look outside the windows into the backyard. If all you see is a manicured lawn, growing garden, and well-kept foliage, you’re missing out on one key thing: wildlife.

Try a twist on the classic broccoli salad: Attachment

As summer nears, we start gravitating outdoors to enjoy our meals while taking advantage of the warmer weather.

Three fruit pies you’ll love: Attachment

With the fruit season at its peak, there’s no question what should be the dessert of choice: fresh fruit pies highlighting local, flavor-filled goodness.

It’s peach season!: Attachment

Summertime is also known as Fresh Peach Time (FPT). You see, fresh peaches are, essentially, the epitome of summer. Nothing says delicious like a sweet, ripe peach with it’s fresh juice running down your hand as you take your first bite. Nothing.

Four ways with grilled corn: Attachment

With fresh, succulent corn at its peak of freshness in the market, it’s a perfect time to get the grill fired up, too. Here are four easy ways that are big on taste, perfectly complementing the tender, sweet kernels of summer’s finest flavour.