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Four fabulously easy hummus recipes: Attachment

So if you’re a hummus fan — and really, who isn’t — then you’ll likely know how¬†versatile it is.

An eco-friendly Easter: recipes, tips, and more: Attachment

With Easter around the corner, there are plenty of ways to celebrate while keeping it friendly to our planet. From decorating to basket making to recipes, here are our top eco-Easter tips.

Whole grain summer-studded salads: Attachment

The warm weather often leads to cravings of fresh, produced-based dishes. But a bevy of bright vegetables doesn’t always leave us completely fulfilled.

7 (vegan) quick and easy recipes to use strawberries!: Attachment

Strawberries are finally in season, and these little gems are bursting with sweetness and flavor. It’s the best time of year to start creating some strawberry-based recipes in the kitchen.

Try a twist on the classic broccoli salad: Attachment

As summer nears, we start gravitating outdoors to enjoy our meals while taking advantage of the warmer weather.

Top 5 benefits for raised garden beds: Attachment

Looking for a new way to garden this year? Look no further than a few changes to the environment you plan to grow in.

See you later winter… Hello spring!: Attachment

Looking forward to spring? So are we. And depending where you are, perhaps you haven’t really seen it yet. We sure haven’t.

Spring dinner party menu: Attachment

With the longer days and the sun setting a little later, it gives a sense that Spring is in the air. No longer and we drawn to our beds for an early, cozy slumber, and later entertaining seems a little more fun.

H&M’s eco-friendly Spring line: Attachment

We’re seeing more and more eco-conscious fashion designers showing their goods, promoting sustainability, and using eco-friendly fabrics. Their newest Spring 2011 collection highlights just how fabulous these can look!

Tips for greening your Spring cleaning: Attachment

Turning your house into tip-top shape for the Spring doesn’t need to leave it reeking of chemicals and detergents. Here are five ways to do your top-to-bottom tidying with items from around the house.