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Lower heating costs for your wallet and the environment: Attachment

Household heating costs are among the most significant monthly bills you have to tackle within your domestic budget.

Eco-printing: the facts: Attachment

The holidays, ultimately, are often a season of waste. So while we might want to still wrap girls, overuse bags, and buy items in excess packaging, we can conserve paper in other ways.

The smartest power saver: Attachment

Looking to reduce your hydro bill and your impact on the environment? Unplugging often-used appliances and electronics will solve the problem, but isn’t always the most convenient solution.

14 quick ways to reduce your hydro bill: Attachment

It’s really easy to live green, and small household swaps will result in big changes – both for your hydro bill and the environment.

Google tracks energy with PowerMeter: Attachment has recently announced plans for a new iGoogle gadget dubbed the PowerMeter, a near real-time application that tracks and shows your energy use.