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Don’t throw these away! Recycle instead.: Attachment

Although we know generally what to recycle: paper, plastic, cans, and glass, there are many things we’re probably throwing away that we shouldn’t!

Research finding uses for waste: Attachment

The United Kingdom buries over 18.8 million tonnes of household waste each year. Frankly, that’s a lot of trash. In fact, it’s two million tonnes more than any other country in Europe.

Starbucks launches Shared Planet: Attachment

While on a coffee run I noticed, as I stood by the counter awaiting my Grande Vanilla Latte, that many coffee-goers were taking trays which are intended to provide convenience to those customers ordering more than two drinks. 

Don’t take this lying down: Attachment

On a recent shopping trip I got to thinking about how much of an impact newly purchased items have on our environment. Just look around your home and assess all the new things you have bought in the past year.

Biomodd combines recycling and art: Attachment

A new art exhibit has been launched  that uses recycled computers to power an ecosystem. Currently on display at the Museum of Contemporary Art and Design at De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde, the exhibit, Biomodd, combines recycling with art.