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New eco-friendly fitness products: Attachment

Spring is finally on its way in, and for a lot of people, that means re-lacing those running shoes and getting back into shape with the motivation of the warm weather.

Planters goes nuts for our planet: Attachment

Chances are you love them already– I mean, who doesn’t enjoy noshing on a handful of peanuts, cashews, almonds, and other yummy nuts? Well, it gets even better with Planters Canada’s new eco-driven initiative.

Eco-printing: the facts: Attachment

The holidays, ultimately, are often a season of waste. So while we might want to still wrap girls, overuse bags, and buy items in excess packaging, we can conserve paper in other ways.

PVC-free back-to-school gear: Attachment

Time for pencils, time for books, time for teacher’s dirty looks… also known as Back to School Time.

Take note with ecojot: Attachment

We’d love to see the world reduce their paper use – despite recycling initiatives, we’re still using up an awful lot of trees.

Team creates lobster shell golf balls: Attachment

We’ve talked about eco-friendly golf balls before (read here), but a new set of balls are hitting the market – this time, made of lobster shells.

Eco-friendly earphones by thinksound: Attachment

We sure love our music. iPods and MP3 players are quite constantly plugged into our ears. Unfortunately, they aren’t exactly made of 100% eco-friendly materials. But don’t worry – your earphones can be.

P&G goes a little greener: Attachment

The mass market household good and makeup supplier is making some greener strides, with its recent announcement of the launch of new environmentally friendly packaging for a few of its top brands.

DIY Recycled Mosaic Art: Attachment

Nothing spruces up a room like a good art piece. For me, mosaics always do the trick. Be it a mosaic table top or a mosaic-tiled flower pot, mosaics add a lot of life and vibrancy wherever they may be placed.

hu.made: designed by humans, just for you: Attachment

Admit it. It’s so much nicer when your favourite gear is handmade. Attention to detail is that much better, stitches are that much tighter; care put into it is that much more.