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Eco-tourism: the least visited National Parks: Attachment

Looking for a getaway that is a little out of the ordinary? We’ve scoured the 8 least visited National Parks across the States, all out of the way but guaranteed for great travel.

New monkey species found in Amazon: Attachment

A team of scientists and conservationists discovered a new species of monkey while on an expedition through the Amazon earlier this week.

Rainforest Alliance updates legal logging standards: Attachment

Did you know that in some areas, illegal timber outweighs that its legal counterparts? That’s why the Rainforest Alliance has worked hard to reassess and develop new standards for companies to follow when harvesting our natural resource.

Rainforest Alliance chooses Kleinhans Fellowship recipient: Attachment

Ecoki would like to congratulate  Tarin Toledo Aveces, the recipient of a two-year Kleinhans Fellowship from The Rainforest Alliance! With a mission to create a management plan for sustainably harvesting bromeliads in Mexico, this will help support research for his goal

Prince Charles visits Brazil for global warnings: Attachment

Prince Charles, on his 10-day tour of South America, has taken the time to  warn Brazilians that failure to act in the next eight years will cause massive affects towards damage from climate change.

Amazon droughts will accelerate global warming: Attachment

A recent end to a 30-year study published in the journal Science has provided the first concrete evidence that drought – even in moderate amounts – releases massive amounts of carbon dioxide