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Pears: the fall fruit underdog (plus a recipe!): Attachment

When we think of fruit flourishing in the fall, apples generally comes to mind first. But pears? They get pushed aside a bit… but are so delicious andĀ versatile, the reasons why are unfathomable.

Mother’s Day vegan brunch ideas: Attachment

With Mother’s Day just a few days away, there is no better way to celebrate Moms out there with how much you love them like you can with food.

Is eating local helping the environment?: Attachment

We’ve heard it over and over: eating local is good for the environment. Less travel, less toxins, supporting our farmers. It can’t get better than that… right?

It’s peach season!: Attachment

Summertime is also known as Fresh Peach Time (FPT). You see, fresh peaches are, essentially, the epitome of summer. Nothing says delicious like a sweet, ripe peach with it’s fresh juice running down your hand as you take your first bite. Nothing.

New from FoodTV: 100 Mile Diet: Attachment

A new television show debuted Sunday night onĀ  Food Network Canada, highlighting six families that have taken on the challenge to eating within an 100 mile radius.

Love your local farmers: Attachment

As the mainstream food industry tries to play catch-up to meet the consumers supply demand, the community that can be created simply by purchasing from a friendly face is sounding more appealing to customers around the world.

Simply Organic’s local, seasonal cuisine: Attachment

With Whole Foods and other organic grocers popping up faster than you can grow your own garden, it’s no question that organic food is becoming increasingly popular.