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How to make fresh juice without a juicer: Attachment

Enjoying the benefits of fresh juice doesn’t have to be reserved for people who have a juicer  on hand. Here’s how to do it without having to make the investment in another kitchen appliance.

Has coffee met its “matcha?”: Attachment

Next to water, tea is undeniably the most popular beverage on earth. A favourite in Asia for over 5,000 years, this ubiquitous product is now encroaching upon consumer markets perpetually dominated by coffee and even soft drinks.

Let’s celebrate Rainforest Alliance Week!: Attachment

If sustainability is an important issue for you, chances are you’re familiar with our good friends at the Rainforest Alliance.

Grade twos go green: Attachment

What happens when you have a grade two class and you ask them how they go green? After many shout-outs of: “we recycle!” and “we shut off the lights!”, we brainstormed a bit to dig a little deeper into how they dig mother earth at home.

Don’t throw these away! Recycle instead.: Attachment

Although we know generally what to recycle: paper, plastic, cans, and glass, there are many things we’re probably throwing away that we shouldn’t!

6 ways to save at the grocery store: Attachment

When you’re making your way throughout the grocery store, are you really thinking about what you’re buying?

Gifts <$20... The Great Green Gift Guide Part III: Attachment

We love gift giving around the holidays, but sometimes it can be a little much… especially for our wallets. But who can deny the warmth we feel with our brother/daughter/friend/hair stylist’s

P&G goes a little greener: Attachment

The mass market household good and makeup supplier is making some greener strides, with its recent announcement of the launch of new environmentally friendly packaging for a few of its top brands.

Top 9 eco-friendly Kindle picks: Attachment

So you have a Kindle and you love it. Either that, or it’s on a wish list that you’re certain will be fulfilled soon. But having your favourite books, newspapers and magazines at your fingertips isn’t its only function.

Happy 4th of July from Ecoki!: Attachment

It’s the holiday weekend, one that celebrates the adoption of the Declaration of Independence way back in 1776.