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Laundry detergent may emit hazardous chemicals: Attachment

Do you use scented laundry detergent? Fabric softener? Dryer sheets? You might want to think of alternative options.

Tips for greener laundry: Attachment

Laundry. We don’t really love it… but we have to do it. Each day, we use clothing, towels, bedding… and, inevitably, we have to clean it. But how can we do this in the greenest way possible?

For the cleanest laundry, try soap nuts: Attachment

Don’t be afraid of soap nuts. Yes, they look a bit weird and smell funky at first, but they work! My clothes come out of the washer with a light, fresh scent and very clean.

14 quick ways to reduce your hydro bill: Attachment

It’s really easy to live green, and small household swaps will result in big changes – both for your hydro bill and the environment.