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7 Green-Inspired Back-to-School Tips: Attachment

Going back to school doesn’t have to take its toll on the environment. In fact, it can be a great “lesson plan” for your kids to learn a little more about staying kinder to our earth.

Four easy, vegan back-to-school breakfast muffin recipes: Attachment

When the kids are getting ready for back-to-school, it’s easier to have a quick breakfast on hand to get them going in the morning.

Back-to-school sustainability: Attachment

School is just around the bend, and you know what that means? It’s your favourite time of year (parents), you’re excited but it’ll wear off (students), or you’re already rolling your eyes (teachers).

Grade twos go green: Attachment

What happens when you have a grade two class and you ask them how they go green? After many shout-outs of: “we recycle!” and “we shut off the lights!”, we brainstormed a bit to dig a little deeper into how they dig mother earth at home.

New eco-inspired iPad app for kids!: Attachment

We sure love our technology, and when it comes to saving the environment, it’s even better when they go hand-in-hand.