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3 easy recipes for leftover mashed potatoes (all vegan!): Attachment

So you’ve feasted. And one of the best parts is, there are a load of leftovers. If you’re anything like me, you strictly made more for this exact purpose, right?

Nine candy-free Easter basket ideas: Attachment

With the exception of a treat or two, there are plenty of ways to give your kids a great Easter basket without making it a chocolate and confectionery explosion.

Vegan holiday recipes and tips: Attachment

So the holidays are officially upon us and chances are, you’re spending a little time doing some Christmas shopping, along with baking and menu planning. If you haven’t started, you’re in the right place.

6 ways to save at the grocery store: Attachment

When you’re making your way throughout the grocery store, are you really thinking about what you’re buying?

Get married and help the planet, too: Attachment

Getting married doesn’t mean that you have to stop being green, too. In fact, weddings produce an awful lot of waste and energy, and wreak havoc on the planet in a lot of ways.

Natural, homemade Christmas ornaments: Attachment

The eco-friendliest Christmas ornaments and decorations are usually made within your own home and the experts on creating holiday Christmas ornaments are about ages 4-10.

Seven frugal Mother’s Day ideas: Attachment

Sometimes the best things in life truly are free – one, of course, being your mother. I’m a lucky one – my mom is awesome. And so are all of the mom’s around me! And this can propose a problem – namely on my wallet, which isn’t filled with indispensable income.

How to make the most out of the farmers’ market: Attachment

It’s summertime! If you’re not familiar with your local farmers’ market, now is the time to go. In addition to fresh produce, you’re also likely to find sustainably raised meat, baked goods, and crafts by local artisans.

For the cleanest laundry, try soap nuts: Attachment

Don’t be afraid of soap nuts. Yes, they look a bit weird and smell funky at first, but they work! My clothes come out of the washer with a light, fresh scent and very clean.

Greening your smoothie (literally): Attachment

Google the words “green smoothie” and you’ll soon learn that it’s not green because an addition of fragrant kiwis, or ripe avocados. More like kale, chard, spinach and the like.