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The green home shopping list: Attachment

Looking to make your home a little greener? Look no further than a few average items to add to your shopping list!

8 things that really do help: Attachment

We’re constantly told ways that we can be greener and help the environment. That’s great and all, but which ones really do help?

Four great eco paper gift wrap alternatives: Attachment

I can’t lie. I really, really like Christmas gift wrap. I love looking at the glowing Santas, oh-so-jolly, and the glittery snowflakes, sprinkled gracefully on the paper. In my heart I know it’s a waste – but my holiday spirit tells me otherwise.

WWDSD? (Great Green Gift Guide Part II): Attachment

Sometimes we want to know WWJD? But when it comes to the environment, only David Suzuki knows. And although he doesn’t have a beard that’s long and white,

Hiring a green siding contractor: Attachment

And when we say green, we don’t mean a newbie. We mean a siding contractor who recognizes and follows a strict code of building for eco-friendliness.

Study: Organic produce isn’t better for you: Attachment

A recent study shows that organically grown produce may actually not offer additional nutritional benefits over conventional varieties.

Odwalla’s new bottle initiative: Attachment

Odwalla is “planting” the sustainable seed with their new bottle initiative. Coming in 2011, the popular smoothie company will transition to 100% PlantBottleā„¢ packaging.

Are GMOs an eco-friendly choice?: Attachment

Is it possible to go green and eat genetically modified foods? Does “eco-friendly cuisine” correspond with cross-contaminated organisms? Let’s get the facts straight.

P&G goes a little greener: Attachment

The mass market household good and makeup supplier is making some greener strides, with its recent announcement of the launch of new environmentally friendly packaging for a few of its top brands.

The Green Building Brain: Attachment

Tim Berners-Lee not too long ago made a TED conference speech about the future of the World Wide Web. He claimed that the future is not in the flashy games and movies etc., but in databases.