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Pears: the fall fruit underdog (plus a recipe!): Attachment

When we think of fruit flourishing in the fall, apples generally comes to mind first. But pears? They get pushed aside a bit… but are so delicious and versatile, the reasons why are unfathomable.

Apple picking tips + fun apple facts!: Attachment

If you’ve never gone apple picking, it is the perfect time of year to do it: it’s still warm, leaves are changing, and the smell of fall is in their air.

Is eating local helping the environment?: Attachment

We’ve heard it over and over: eating local is good for the environment. Less travel, less toxins, supporting our farmers. It can’t get better than that… right?

Aquaponics 101: Attachment

Ever heard of Aquaponics? It’s a new approach to food production that focuses on cultivating plants and fish in a single, symbiotic relationship.

“Organic is a way of life”: Ahana Farm: Attachment

Ahana Organic Farm, the largest organic farm in India is the epitome of sustainability, with over 350 acres under cultivation. Growing paddy, wheat, sugarcane, barley, sesame seeds, mustard seeds, turmeric, ginger, lentils,