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Funding for farmers from the Rainforest Alliance: Attachment

We know that farmers do a lot to benefit our communities and those who go above and beyond should be recognized and celebrated in doing so.

Apple picking tips + fun apple facts!: Attachment

If you’ve never gone apple picking, it is the perfect time of year to do it: it’s still warm, leaves are changing, and the smell of fall is in their air.

Are GMOs an eco-friendly choice?: Attachment

Is it possible to go green and eat genetically modified foods? Does “eco-friendly cuisine” correspond with cross-contaminated organisms? Let’s get the facts straight.

Three fruit pies you’ll love: Attachment

With the fruit season at its peak, there’s no question what should be the dessert of choice: fresh fruit pies highlighting local, flavor-filled goodness.

Organic pesticides not always the best choice: Attachment

Choosing the organic route leads us to think we’re doing something better for ourselves and the environment. But researchers at the University of Guelph are countering that idea with a recent study proclaiming this might not be so.

Rainforest Alliance honours leaders in conservation: Attachment

Our good friends at the Rainforest Alliance have officially announced the honorees of their 2010 Rainforest Alliance Gala. There are a load of companies and folks who show leadership in sustainable farming, forestry and tourism, and the annual gala honours their efforts.

Study finds organic food not healthier (updated): Attachment

Organic food, although chemical and pesticide free, often is thought of to be the healthier choice. But is it really better for us? A major study published last week shows

Organic: good for your health, bad for the economy: Attachment

With the current recession, we’ve seen a growth in prices in everything from fuel to food. While most families and individuals are trying to save where they can, not all businesses and organizations can follow suit.

Organizations to help you stay sustainable: Attachment

We often write about how much we love various companies in our reviews, or deliver you ways to stay green at home, in the grocery store, or even on vacation. But behind all of these, there are hundreds

Organic dairy cows offers higher quality manure: Attachment

Organic milk seems to be increasing in our grocery stores, and new findings suggest that these organic dairy cows also produce top-grade manure.