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Do you love chocolate? Tea? Snacks? Buy these.: Attachment

Man, chocolate is delicious. And I’m talkin’ the good stuff. Not those random waxy bunnies that fill up your Easter basket. Paired with a tea? Awesome combination.

Need sustainable spices? Good news!: Attachment

We are excited to let our readers know that our friends at the Rainforest Alliance have united with the Sustainable Spices Initiative to develop new standards for the sustainable production of spices.

Gifts <$20... The Great Green Gift Guide Part III: Attachment

We love gift giving around the holidays, but sometimes it can be a little much… especially for our wallets. But who can deny the warmth we feel with our brother/daughter/friend/hair stylist’s

green is good from green is black: Attachment

Combine couture and eco-driven ethics and you have green is black, a fashion company delivering you the best of sustainable style.

Cadbury chocolate goes fair-trade: Attachment

Chocolate giant Cadbury recently announced that they will become the largest Canadian chocolate company to sell fair-trade chocolates.

Churches go green with eco-palms: Attachment

According to  Lutheran World Relief, approximately 300 million palm fronds are consumed in the United States each year, with about 700 fronds ordered for Palm Sunday services per church.

Greening your cup o’ joe: Attachment

Can’t imagine your morning running smoothly with your freshly brewed cup of coffee? You’re not alone – in fact, according to the National Coffee Association, about 52%  of people drink coffee regularly, on average 3 to 4 cups of day.

Label deciphering: Attachment

With environmental factors now a forerunner in the manufacturing of consumer goods, some detective work is needed to decipher the designated labels. Learning the labels can help us choose the best products to put in our cart – and  which to leave behind at the shopping mart.