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Eco-entrepreneurs and a Triple Bottom Line: Attachment

Eco-driven entrepreneurs follow a unique bottom line for business. Combined with the (obvious) financial success, they consider the environment as well, along with social performance.

Water from trees cools the climate: Attachment

New research hailing out of Carnegie’s Global Ecology department has discovered that evaporated water from trees helps cool the Earth as a whole — not just a specific area.

Fog harvesting could bring water to poor: Attachment

New fog harvesting processes may help make water more available to the world’s poor. Engineer Shreerang Chhatre is exploring fog harvesting,

Earth Day 2011: what to know: Attachment

Coming soon. April 22nd. Earth Day 2011. Earth Day 2011 is focused on the recognition of the power of millions of individual actions.

Earth Hour alert!: Attachment

So, what did you do for Earth Hour 2011? We hope shutting off your lights between 8:30pm and 9:30pm were part of it!

Earth Hour 2010 – what did you do?: Attachment

Sydney, Australia was home to the first Earth Hour in 2007. On that day, 2.2 million homes and businesses across the city turned out their lights for one hour – a stand against climate change. A year later, Earth Hour went global. And we want to know – how did you take part?

Earth’s earliest ice age caused by rises in oxygen: Attachment

Reasons for our planet’s earliest ice age may have been uncovered, according to geologists last week. It seems that Earth’s earliest ice ages could have been caused by an atmospheric rise in oxygen,

Earth-sized planet discovered: Attachment

Recent discoveries by European scientists have found a planet outside our solar system similar to the size of Earth.

Disneynature launches “earth”, April 22nd: Attachment

Long awaited films from Disney’s new film company, Disneynature, are set to launch: starting with the first one, earth, released on Earth Day 2009.

Earth Hour alert! (We want your stories!): Attachment

If you don’t know what Earth Hour is, you’re obviously (not) in the dark. Learn more about it here! Our Kiva Ecoki Team has raised almost $5,000.00 USD in the first two days!  We can’t thank the donor(s) enough!