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Six ways to celebrate Earth Day all year long: Attachment

Even though Earth Day is April 22nd, that doesn’t mean we can’t make some easy eco-changes to start practicing the rest of this week.

Educating kids about Earth Day through food: Attachment

We know that kids today are what will make our world what it is, so getting them on board with Earth Day is a great way to teach them about the planet.

Happy Earth Day! (tips included): Attachment

Hello readers! Earth Day is upon us, and there are loads of great ways to give back to our planet today. From driving cleaner to eating vegetarian, little changes make a huge difference

Earth Day 2011: what to know: Attachment

Coming soon. April 22nd. Earth Day 2011. Earth Day 2011 is focused on the recognition of the power of millions of individual actions.

Classic Rhubarb Pie – get it before it’s gone!: Attachment

Nothing says loving our planet like taking advantage of seasonal produce. So what’s better to highlight our planet than the almighty vegetable of choice?

Earth Day initiative from Rainforest Alliance: Attachment

Our friends at the Rainforest Alliance are the ultimate contenders in doing good for our Earth. From certifying farms with their Rainforest Alliance Certified seal, to helping students of all ages

Earth Day wrap up (plus top eco-kid books!): Attachment

We can only assume that you’re taking the time tomorrow to spread a little Earth Day cheer. Maybe you’re pledging to spend your day cleaning up a local park.

Easy eco-changes: Attachment

If you haven’t taken some simple steps to live a little greener, it’s never too late to start. And with Earth Day just around the bend, it’s the perfect time to connect a little closer to our planet.

Happy Earth Day from ecoki!: Attachment

Today marks Earth Day! Celebrated each April 22nd, this day is designed to inspire awareness about working together to becoming more aware of the environment around us. It’s our chance to celebrate the planet that we love

Earth Day history: how it all began: Attachment

The majority of us are familiar with the holiday at comes each April 22nd, when schools, communities and organizations come together to recognize the importance of the environment. But do we really know how it all began?