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Sustainable farming creates healthy waterways: Attachment

A new study from Cenicafe, a Colombian research institute, has found that sustainable farming enhances local waterways.

Choose the right coffee to protect wildlife: Attachment

When we think of protecting wildlife, the first thing that comes to mind isn’t swapping our morning cup o’ joe. 

Funding for farmers from the Rainforest Alliance: Attachment

We know that farmers do a lot to benefit our communities and those who go above and beyond should be recognized and celebrated in doing so.

Rainforest Alliance’s December Cupping for Quality results: Attachment

Great news! Coffees hailing from Kenya, Peru and Colombia achieved top marks at the Rainforest Alliances’ 10th annual December Cupping for Quality. 

Peru, Kenya top scorers in sustainable coffee: Attachment

In December, the Rainforest Alliance held their annual Cupping for Quality event, and we have the results to share! The short version: Peru and Kenya are on top!

Caribou Coffee first to source 100% RAC farms: Attachment

An exciting achievement in our midst: Caribou Coffee has become the first coffeehouse in the US to source all of its coffee from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms.

Your coffee and the environment: Attachment

Mmm… Your delicious, smooth morning coffee. Can’t imagine waking up without it, right? Well, do you know the impact that your coffee makes to the environment? And what about the workers producing those beans?

Starbucks launches Shared Planet: Attachment

While on a coffee run I noticed, as I stood by the counter awaiting my Grande Vanilla Latte, that many coffee-goers were taking trays which are intended to provide convenience to those customers ordering more than two drinks. 

Get creative with refreshing picnic drinks: Attachment

Planning summer picnics are a great way to spend time together and enjoy the gorgeous weather. Healthy, delicious choices for our picnic fare rate far above fast-food fried chicken, bags of potato chips, and sugar-laden pops and juices.

Greening your cup o’ joe: Attachment

Can’t imagine your morning running smoothly with your freshly brewed cup of coffee? You’re not alone – in fact, according to the National Coffee Association, about 52%  of people drink coffee regularly, on average 3 to 4 cups of day.