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Rainforest Alliance soars in global sustainability: Attachment

We appreciate and applaud eco-efforts around the world, no matter how small or big. So when the Rainforest Alliance filled us in on this years’ efforts–color us impressed!

Natural resources losing the climate change battle: Attachment

Glaciers have been hit hard with the impact of global warming, but tourists visiting the natural gems are further progressing the affects of climate change.

Ocean temperatures threatening antarctic fish: Attachment

The rise in ocean temperatures is wreaking havoc on fish that reside in the Antarctic. Because of the increase, the fish, accustomed to polar living, no longer are able to cope.

Can’t stand the cold? Blame the summer.: Attachment

If you’re getting sick of the cold weather, you can blame the hot summer that just passed. New research suggests that particularly hot summers cause really cold winters.

Water from trees cools the climate: Attachment

New research hailing out of Carnegie’s Global Ecology department has discovered that evaporated water from trees helps cool the Earth as a whole — not just a specific area.

Carbon uptake lessened by climate change: Attachment

A new study shows that despite what we’ve learned in the past, an increasingly warmer climate allows for less absorption of carbon dioxide by subalpine forests.

The WWF’s “Act For Our Future” for climate change: Attachment

Our friends over at the World Wildlife Fund recently contacted us and wanted to spread the word on their new “Act For Our Future” campaign, driven to encourage the United States Senate to act upon climate legislation.

Blog Action Day: Food and climate change: Attachment

From doing your weekly grocery shop to preparing and serving your dinner, every day decisions of what and how we eat impacts the environment and the climate. So how can we help?