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Relieving bites, stings, and summer skin irritations: Attachment

Now that summer is upon us, so is the heat and humidity. And so, this leaves us more and more susceptible to stings, bites, and irritations from summertime vermin.

DIY Body Scrubs = Body Bliss: Attachment

As the cooler weather rolls in, we’re more prone to dry, rough skin. Our summer-kissed tans fade, the moisture in the air dissipates, and our bodies beg for a little more love.

Nail polish know-how and the “Toxic Trio”: Attachment

Most women in our culture enjoy a routine “mani/pedi” at the nail salon. Nowadays, nail salons are ubiquitous with quite an affordable selection of services, which makes it easy for almost all women, regardless of income level, to enjoy this beauty indulgence. 

Keep your hair – and the environment – at its best: Attachment

Love keeping your locks luscious? Blow drying your hair can cause damage to your hair and the environment, but new technology tells us otherwise.

Style, Naturally delivers eco-fashion and beauty: Attachment

At first glance, Style Naturally looks like a basic – but extensive – guide to fashion and beauty, one that fulfills those growing needs of avid shoppers and fashionistas who thrive for the next big thing to hit the runways – or even just the store.