Having an eco-friendly clothing line isn’t just about using organic materials; company practices and sources should be discovered in a sustainable way, too.

panda tee1 212x300 Endangered Coutures conscious teesEndangered Couture , a Canada-based environmentalist company, works towards this direction, bringing you sweatshop-free, eco-conscious, and certified organic cotton tee-shirts.

They’ve truly done their homework. Founder and head designer Tamara Danielle understands the wide range of issues to explore. “There isn’t enough education on endangered animals, ” she points out, “and it’s not wide knowledge that they are dying off mainly due to the loss of their natural habitat. However, hopefully with the green movement gaining in popularity, we will soon see all of our small efforts coming together enabling us to live sustainably on Earth.”

To call her effort “small” isn’t giving her enough credit. A portion of all her sales go to the  World Wildlife Fund ; they’re a part of the WWF’s crusaders program, so every t-shirt comes with special surprises from the international organization (read more about Tamara’s eco-conscious efforts here).

We had the chance to review one of the t-shirts from her line. The Panda tee features the message, “I eat bamboo, so can you” in bubbly, playful letters, reminding you how darn cute pandas really are – and how we should do our part in keeping them around.

It’s manufactured from 95% certified organic cotton, with 5% Lycra, with a breathable, comfortable fit with just a bit of stretch. We love the jersey cap sleep, and longer length, adding a little dimension to a casual fit, curving to fit your body in all the right places. The monochromatic scheme of soft and dark purples deliver an effective message, with a little feminine flair .

All her tees include a whimsical design with a serious message about the importance of conscious couture. Other slogans include “I like the way you peck” for the woodpecker and “I’ll show my stripes if you show me yours” for the tiger, cleverly catching your attention before bringing the serious message.

For upcoming collections, Tamara is also moving towards using other sustainable materials, such as hemp and bamboo. Because she opts to source local suppliers, its proven to be a difficult task where she lives. But she hopes that, as they become more mainstream, her next collection will feature them.

Coming soon: See how you can win a Panda tee!

Endangered Couture

  • 95% Certified Organic Cotton, 5% Lycra
  • Soft Purple & Dark Purple
  • Small to Extra-Large
  • $47, with a portion to the World Wildlife Fund

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