Planning a getaway this spring break? Want to do something different than your typical all-inclusive vacation? Consider taking a trip of sustainable sorts, instead.

Here are some tips, ideas, and places to go for a more sustainable spring break.

Just save some money

Even budget travel is a better idea than going all out on a vacation that you don’t need. Although some vacations can be inevitably expensive at the purchase point, there are lots of ways to save money once you’re there enjoying the beach, exhibits, or local culture. Consider renting a villa, ask for discounts, check out free tourism, or volunteer.

Look for eco-friendly tourist options

If you’re planning on heading over to Victoria, British Columbia for a getaway, be sure to get in some whale watching. Eagle Wing Tours offers eco-friendly whale watching, an experience that you’ll never forget. Read more here: Victoria, BC whale watching.

Choose an eco-friendly destination

If you can’t prevent carbon emissions in other ways, consider just finding an eco-friendly spring break destination, which will help put a dent in your environmental impact. This might be as simple as going to a place rich in local culture, where you can support their own initiatives, renting from a homestay, or helping promote local events.

For an all-inclusive trip

For those that like to still travel with a little style and luxury, there are many eco-inspired full resorts that can cater to your needs. These getaways have all the luxury and beauty that smarmy spas and lodges do, but without the impact. Check out our top ten eco-resorts here.

Go for carbon offsets

Once you’ve bought your plane tickets, thick of the carbon offsets to help minimize the carbon dioxide outputs you will be generating. You can calculate your total by plugging it into the Carbon Neutral Calculator from CarbonNeutral flights. For example, if two of you are travelling from JFK in New York to the Santo Domingo for a warm getaway, and opting for economy class, you’ll be emitting 1.19 tonnes of carbon dioxide! Calculate your carbon emissions here. Most airlines carbon offsets with the purchase of a ticket, including Continental Airlines, Delta Airlines, Virgin Atlantic and British Airways, as well as travel sites like Expedia and Travelocity.

Take a Road Trip

If you have nothing planned and set in stone, consider hitting the open road. Plan to stay with friends or family, pack the car with everything you need, and, if you can, rent a hybrid car to help offset the emissions and gas you’ll be guzzling. You’ll also save some serious cash, too.

Volunteer vacations

Opting to volunteer while seeing the world is not only a more sustainable way to travel, but a unique look at the world through new eyes.  GoEco, for example, is a company that can easily make this happen. Created by volunteers, they strive to help those who are interested in traveling, as well as giving back to the communities, wildlife, and environments at their destination. Most colleges also organize volunteer opportunities, such as through organizations like  Habitat for Humanity, or with local community groups painting schools, planting trees, or engaging in another worthwhile green activity. Read more ideas here.

Check out the green rating

Eco Hotels of the World provides a much-needed resource dedicated to showcasing the most environmentally-friendly hotels in the world. This free online guide includes a  list of hotels that are specifically selected by their editors to ensure they meet their standards for eco-friendliness. If they aren’t exactly what you are looking for, stay with the locals in hostels and small housing and support the local community. The Green Hotels Association also outlines sustainability criteria that hotels must meet to make it on their list.

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