Take a look in your room – chances are, you have a few books lying around. Now think about the rest of your house. Are there are few more? Probably. Now picture the rest of your day – are you a student? Do you go to the library? Some manuals at work?

Books are everywhere, but we don’t really think twice about the (often non-recycled) materials used to develop them.

That’s where Eco-Libris comes in. Their mission is to spread the word to take part in their eco-libris goal: to plant one tree for every book you read.

Reading books affects the environment, however, to solve the problem we just don’t stop reading books. Eco-Libris is well on their way to developing the alternative: striving to create reading more sustainable. Their current goal is to do this through “giving back”a half a million books by the end of 2009.
A little confused? Here’s how it works: First, visit their website at www.ecolibris.net. Next, decide on an amount of books you want to “balance”. You pay for your amount (conveniently through their website), and a tree is planted for each of the books.

In order to get this done, Eco-Libris works with many organizations in developing countries, and ensure that the trees provide a significant value for the communities and the environment wherever they are planted. In turn, you receive an Eco-Libris sticker for the cover of your books – and the great feeling of giving back to the source.

A concept that helps you become a part of the solution, each tree makes a positive impact on global warming by reducing carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere. It also helps the communities, provides home for animals, and fights the destruction of rainforests.  With the addition of trees comes education, crop improvment, food (from fruit trees), and other factors that help the community.

Their planting partners include  Sustainable Harvest International (SHI)
RIPPLE Africa, and The Alliance for International Reforestation (AIR).

For only $5, you can “give back” five books. The result? Five trees are planted. A large impact for such a small cost. And don’t forget – you get a snazzy sticker for your book, and can spread the word.
Regardless if you’re an individual or an organization, Eco-Libris makes it really simple to get involved, and for authors, publishers, book club members, or anyone else associated with books, they offer partnerships.

For more information, visit: Eco-Libris.

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