Modern technologies are proving instrumental for campaigners, activists and charities, helping to mobilize support for their respective causes. The simple act of establishing an email list has become one of the most powerful steps towards mass communication for organizations of this kind. You only have to look to the so-called Arab Spring to see real-life examples of technology whipping up support for political and social causes. Green issues need be no different, and campaigners are increasingly using email marketing to further their cause.

Email is an affordable, easy way to communicate with interested people and organizations around the world. But how can you use email to its full potential in order to deliver better results for your organization and the social purpose for its existence?


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People who have an interest in green issues tend to be very passionate about the cause, and justly so. This works to your strength as a campaigner, because you can turn this support into more structured momentum. Email provides the direct link between organizers, activists and supporters. With the Internet making global communication much easier than ever before, it is possible to command interest in issues from supporters across the globe – simply by setting up an email sign-up form and corresponding mailing list.

For causes hoping to raise awareness of the work they do, there are few more effective means than a personal email to a subscriber base. The more people on the list, the more people who read your messages (and ultimately join your campaigns). Email promotion is most effectively achieved through the use of an email marketing platform. These systems automate the process to a significant extent, making it easy to integrate email into your existing campaign websites. They automatically collect and add user information to your mailing list, allowing you to target and send your messages in just a couple of clicks. This takes all the hard work out of email marketing, allowing you to focus on drumming up interest in the cause in the first place.


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Your campaign will no doubt pick up support from people across the world, by virtue of having an online presence that is discoverable in search engines. There are green activists in almost every country in the world, striving to improve our handling of the planet. Email marketing makes it easier to consolidate these people in one location, so you can call upon that support in unison whenever it is required. Campaigners across the social and political spectrum are now using email much more widely as a tactic in commanding support for their cause when it’s needed most.

The mission of most people involved in environmental causes is to raise awareness about the need for policy and behavioural change. Email allows for large amounts of educational content to be fed directly to the laptops (and, now, mobiles) of people across the world. Even the smallest of operations can now expand its reach worldwide, thanks to the advantages email marketing can deliver for these types of organizations.

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