So you think you’re pretty eco-savvy? Sure, you might be… but what if you’re doing a lot less than you can be?

Take our 12 question quiz to see if you’re as green as you think.

1. You just got off work and you decide to grab dinner from the grocery store on your way home. You:
a) grab your reusable grocery totes – you never use anything else.
b) Get to the checkout and realize, nope, they’re probably in the car. Oh, well. 5 cents a bag it is!
c) Look at the reusable totes for purchase and think, “hmm… I should probably get some of those.”

2. Your parched and head to the local corner store when you’re out for a walk. You buy yourself a bottle of a beverage of choice. After you drink it, you look around and all you see is a garbage bin. You:
a) Keep walking til you find a recycling bin.
b) Toss it… but feel guilty.
c) Toss it. You’d maybe recycle at home but right now it isn’t worth the hassle.

3. The phrase “climate change” makes you:
a) Lose sleep.
b) Bother you a bit, but not over the top.
c) Roll your eyes. Haven’t we heard enough of it already?

4. What best describes you?
a) You’re completely in tune with what is going on with the environment.
b) You’ve heard some stuff on the news, but don’t really have an opinion.
c) What? Something is happening to our environment?

5. To get around town, you:
a) Walk, bike, take public transport or, if needed, drive your hybrid or electric vehicle
b) Bike, take public transport or, quite often, just jump in your gas-guzzling car.
c) Drive your car/van/truck always.

6. When you go and buy paper for your printer, you:
a) Most often choose 100 percent post-consumer recycled paper.
b) Look for recycled if it is on sale or the same price.
c) Buy the first thing you see, hopefully on sale, and you don’t really care what it is.

7. When you get your morning joe at the local cafe, you:
a) Bring your reusable coffee thermos and choose organic and fair-trade coffee.
b) Buy organic or fair-trade… or whatever they have.
c) Get a fancy drink… double cupped, please.

8. When you clean your home, you:
a) Look for safe, nontoxic cleaners, or make them yourself.
b) Try some of the green brands, but you usually opt for the traditional ones, convinced they work btter.
c) Stick to bleach, ammonia, and anything that “gets it really clean”.

9. When shopping for produce, you:
a) Go to the local market, or join a CSA.
b) Buy organic at the local grocery store, but only if it is on sale.
c) Just buy whatever is available at the store.

10. You get loads of junk mail in your mailbox, day in and day out. You:
a) Register with the DMA to get your name removed from the list.
b) Recycle it.
c) Throw it away.

11. When it comes to living green and spreading awareness, you are:
a) The only to always be educating and talking to your friends and families about living sustainably.
b) Sure it makes sense… and do what you can to take eco-friendly steps.
c) Not sure you know what to do. But you hang your clothes to dry and try not to stress out about the Earth.

12. When shopping, you are more likely to buy from companies that:
a) Are committed to keeping it organic, using sound environmental practices, and are 100% sustainable.
b) Offer natural or organic options, but you don’t really stress about it.
c) Sell what you need, eco-friendly or not.

That’s it!

Let’s tally our scores.

Give yourself three points for each time you answered A, two points for each time you answered B, and one point for each time you answered C. Add them to get your total to see your final score.

Green Machine: 30 to 36 points

Awesome! You’re the highest, and greenest that they come! You definitely are passionate about staying eco-friendly, and work hard to put these values into action.

Getting Pretty Green: 20 to 29 points

You’re definitely thinking in terms of green but need to take a few more steps. Consider measuring your foot print, filling in the gaps, and opting for organic and local when possible. Get your friends and families involved to keep you motivated.

Somewhat Sustainable: 12 to 19 points

You’ve probably made a few choices but you need to get on the right track. The environment is a big concern and we can help make an impact! Start by taking the right steps to get you in the greener direction.

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