Aquafina, the bottled water company from PepsiCo, has revamped their old bottle into one more fit for the environment.

The new bottle is made with 50% less plastic and weighs just 10.9 grams, which Aquafina claims is the lightest is its

This is an effort on behalf of Pepsico to become a more eco-friendly business.

“The Eco-Fina Bottle represents more than simply innovative packaging design.  It showcases our commitment to develop best-in- class products, packages and manufacturing processes while acting responsibly in everything we do,” said Rick Gomez from Pepsi-Cola North America Beverages in the press release.

“Consumer research confirms that we achieved our desired objective, which was a ‘sustainable design trifecta’ – a bottle that looks better, functions better and is better for the environment,”vice president of packaging innovation and development Robert Le Bras-Brown added.

Alas, we are still drinking glorified water, in a wasteful plastic container, with an additional plastic label, that costs money and energy to ship. I think needs are met with a reusable, refillable, stainless or BPA-free plastic bottle, no? (IE One we buy once and refill ourselves).

PepsiCo claims they’ve committed themselves to lowering their eco-effects by reducing water and energy use by 20%, and fuel by 25% in the next five years. Their hardier goal is saving 20 million pounds of corrugated material by 2010, from eliminating base pads in its 24-packs.

I’m on the fence here, with PepsiCo. Kudos to some incorporating sort of eco-initiative, but still wasteful, nonetheless.

Simply (and unrealistically, unfortunately) eliminating bottled water and enjoying beverages that aren’t either sugar-laden or chemical-filled should be the easy answer to working for the issue.


Read their press release.

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