As we turn towards e-bills for our credit cards and cell phones, and emails for our correspondence, the idea of sending something in the post is pretty passe.

The marriage of the two seems like it’s already been done – after all, e-mail is just like electronic post, isn’t it?mailbox

Well, according to Zumbox, not really. Zumbox delivers that snail mail in an online form – from street address to street address. By developing a nationwide (read: U.S.) paperless postal system with a Zumbox for every street address in the United States, including yours.

So it’s this just like sending your postal mail to your inbox? Not really. To use Zumbox, type in your mailing address, and see your mail online – literally in the form of envelopes. Click to open it (no letter openers required) and the contents is available onscreen.

Sending mail is just as simple as typing in the to and from. The simplest way is to upload a Word or PDF document, specify the recipient’s street address, and the mail will be sent to them electronically via Zumbox. All popular document formats, such as Word and PDFs, as well as interactive formats, such as Flash and HTML, are supported. Any content that can be printed can be sent via Zumbox, and they include special support for accounting packages, like QuickBooks.

For users to avoid getting double the information in their mailbox, Zumbox offers the options for them to tell their senders  not to send them a paper copy, saving some of the 15 million bills, statements, advertisements, and letters sent through the post in the U.S. each month. And if you’re worried about security issues, they have it covered: Zumbox has implemented security akin to standards of the financial, healthcare, and banking industries.zumbox-1

Because receiving mail is free for everyone, and individual and household use can send up to 50 pieces for free each month, there is almost no reason not to get on board. And if you’re an avid letter writer? No problem – additional postage is just $0.05 per street address .

Using Zumbox, mail becomes paper-free, eco-friendly, free (or low-cost), and instantly delivered; we just can’t wait until it goes international.

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