With the exception of a treat or two, there are plenty of ways to give your kids a great Easter basket without making it a chocolate and confectionery explosion.

Invest in some good chocolate and some organic jelly beans to satisfy that sweet tooth, then fill the rest of the basket with useful goods that they’ll love even more.

Here are nine candy-free Easter basket ideas, each with a theme that will suit whatever your kids love.

With things they’ll use again and again, waste is at a minimum, making it much better for our planet, too.

The Slumber Party Lover

Most young girls love a good sleepover, and a basket of flip-flop slippers, a pair of cute pajamas, some books with girl-driven games (think: truth or dare), and a few others favourites is a great way to give them a basket of fun that they’ll be able to use over and over.

The Video-Game Lover

Go to a trade/buy/sell store and pick up a classic game or a new favourite. Round out the basket with an extra memory card and something that compliments the game, such as a comic book for a game based on the series, or a sports hat for their favourite team.

The Green Thumb

One of my favourite childhood memories is gardening in the yard; the vegetable garden with my dad and the flower garden with my mom. Fill an outdoor pail or tub with a watering can, seed packets, gloves, and a tool or two.

The Budding Artist

Art supplies can be cheap, and a great idea for kids. For younger kids, look for colouring books with spring themes. For older kids, find a good quality sketchbook. Round it out with crayons, markers, and paint, along with a few DIY crafts with step by step instructions.

The Animal Lover

Inspire the kids to bring birds into the backyard. Opt for an inexpensive bird feeder, some bird seed. Look for other options for squirrels and other backyard critters, too.

The Mini-Athlete

Whatever they love, give them something to help build their sport career. Flashy laces for a pair of cleats, a new baseball cap to shield the sun, some legwarmers for the dancer, a jump rope for the young one.

The Toddler

Still have a young one? Fill it up with books of their favourite characters. Choose board books, filled with their current TV and movie stars that they know and love. Add some stickers, a puzzle, and a DVD to bring it altogether.

The Kitchen Chef

Have a kid who loves to help out in the kitchen? Get them an apron, a few kid-friendly tools, and a recipe book designed specifically for them. Look for bright colours, comfortable grips and smaller sizes designed specifically for them.

The Teenager

So they are getting a little old for presents… right? Wrong. All kids, no matter the age, love a basket filled with some goodies! Through in a gift card to Starbucks or iTunes, add a cool pair of socks, a magazine, and something else they love: a book for the bookworm, a baseball for the slugger, and a blu-ray for the film lover.

Whatever you choose, don’t deny your kids of the delicious treats… Just fill it out with some great options that’ll last a lot longer than their sugar high.

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