In search for “hot yoga” in my area, I stumbled upon Moshka Yoga, a discipline of the ancient art driven to attain enlightenment.

Their movement for freedom is also harnessed by a deep sense of responsibility to the bikram-yogaenvironment, and all studios operate with eco-friendly controls. They’re build with non-toxic materials, sustainable supplies, and low-consumption lighting and heating.

In addition to this is their connection to Zero Footprint, an organization that measures the eco-impact of a home or business. They determine the carbon emissions made, then offset the negative effects by planting a tree or protect a watershed. Moksha Yoga is a Zero Footprint organization. For more info, check them out on

On their site, they also outline various karma practices, but we really want to highlight their “green” videos, providing viewers with a growing library of eco-friendly ideas and tips, including VOC-free paint, cleaning products, and more.

They connect them with their yoga practice, explaining that these steps towards sustainability “take yoga beyond the body’s healthy alignment on the mat to aligning with a life that is healthy for our families, communities and the natural world for generations to come.” We agree, and recommend checking them out.

And if you’re not in the area of one of their studios, check out their green living videos, a handy collection of tips and techniques for living a more sustainable life. (See them here:

And visit them at

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