Enjoying the benefits of fresh juice doesn’t have to be reserved for people who have a juicer  on hand. Here’s how to do it without having to make the investment in another kitchen appliance.


If you’ve taken the time to do a little research on juicing, you might be a bit overwhelmed by all of the details out there. It’s easy to fall into the rabbit hole of information: what kind of juicer is best? What is oxidizing? Are smoothies better? What does centrifugal mean? Do you even need a juicer?

Deciding on a juicer can make things even more confusing. There are two main options: centrifugal and masticating, but then there are others added to the mix, such as triturating. And then there are the folks who tout just using a blender–whether mainstream or heavy duty–and the confusion sets in a little deeper.

If you already have a heavy-duty blender, you don’t need to make the investment for a juicer, as well. Instead, make a relatively inexpensive purchase of nut milk bags or veggie bags to strain away the pulp and maintain the juice.

After you blend up your vegetables, put a your nut milk or veggie bag over a narrow bowl or container. Pour about a quarter of the blender mixture into the bag, then pull up the strings of the bag to secure the top. Gently squeeze the top of the pulp, pushing down to extrude the juice, squeezing until the pulp is as dry as possible. Remove the pulp into a bowl, and repeat with the remaining juice in batches.

If you haven’t made a lot of juice, you can do it all at once, but batches help get the mixture as dry as possible, and giving you as much fresh juice as possible, too.

A few quick tips:

  • Most blenders will require you to stop midway, scrape down the sides with a spatula, then continue blending to ensure everything is incorporated.
  • Put denser vegetables on the bottom of the blender, such as greens, and softer ones on top, like melon or berries and other fruit.
  • Strain the mixture twice if you find it a little gritty, but a good quality bag should alleviate any textural issues.
  • Blend, blend, blend! Breaking down those vegetables might take longer than you think.
  • Depending on the girth of your blender, it might not be able to handle tough root vegetables, like carrots, sweet potato, or beets.

Top 9 benefits of juicing:

  • Many folks don’t have the time (or preference) to each seven to ten servings of fruits and vegetables each day. Juicing is an easy way to consume the missing elements of their diet without worrying about spooning an extra serving of greens at dinner onto your plate.
  • Though juice is void of fibre, something we can all benefit from, juicing does provide all the same vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients as eating the fruits and vegetables in their whole form.
  • And what’s more, more fruits and vegetables can fit in a single glass than you’d likely eat at once, too.
  • For active folks or when you’re in a hot climate, juice can help keep you hydrated because of its rich water.
  • When you’re trying to figure out what to make for your next meal, and that cucumber doesn’t seem too appealing, no problem: save it for the juicer the next morning, and eliminate the potential of food waste.
  • If you’re feeling under the weather or having health or gastrointestinal issues, juice is easy to digest, which gives your digestive system a chance to catch up while you’re pumping your body of nutrients.
  • Similarly, removing the fibre allows for an increase in the absorption phytonutrients, allowing our bodies to absorb as much of the benefits as possible.
  • If you’re a soda junkie and not keen on switching to plain water, juice is a helpful way to transition. Make smaller batches of juice and mix them with sparkling water to get the same carbonation and sweetness that you crave in a much healthier drink.
  • Not only is juicing easy to do, it allows for a lot of creativity. From a curry-spiked carrot juice to a simple greens-based drink with a splash of lemon, the possibilities are endless.

Want more? Here are eleven fresh, healthy juice ideas to get you started!

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