Driving green doesn’t mean investing in a smaller, fuel-efficient car or opting for a hybrid. You can easily start driving green with what you already have. Here are six tips to help you get started:

Go smooth

Do away with jerky, sudden movements with the gas pedal. One second of wide open throttle eco-drivingcreates the same amount of carbon monoxide emissions as 20 minutes of normal driving, so be a little more gentle with the gas.

Try: Circles Into Squares – Relaxing Renaissance & Celtic Music for Yoga, Massage & Meditation, a new CD guaranteed to calm you while driving.

Early to shift

Manual transmission drivers should avoid revving their engine unnecessarily – no matter how “cool” it sounds. Your engine burns less fuel if you shift a little earlier than you normally would.

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Plan your route

Need to do a lot of errands? Have an appointment on the other side of town. Staying away from congested areas, hills, different speed changes and stop and go traffic allows you to burn less fuel to your destination.

Try: a Garmin nüvi 255W 4.3-Inch GPS Navigator or keep it simple with an 2010 United States Road Atlas.

Use the cruise

A constant or steady speed burns less fuel than frequent and abrupt changes, so if you have the option, use the cruise control when you can.

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Go for shaded parking

Your car’s interior will be cooler, and the air conditioning might not be necessary – letting your car drive a little cleaner while you cool down.

Try: An eco-friendly alternative to plastic or reflective sunshades, like the Jumbo Cardboard Sunshade

Never idle

Drive-thrus, canal bridges, border crossings, and waiting for someone should be avoided at all costs. Do what you can to shut it off if you know you’ll be longer than a brief moment.

Try: Have a book on hand in the car for times that you might be stuck in the car. Check out new eco-driven titles, such as Good for Business: The Rise of the Conscious Corporation, The Green Workplace: Sustainable Strategies that Benefit Employees, the Environment, and the Bottom Line, and Frugillionaire: 500 Fabulous Ways to Live Richly and Save a Fortune.

Image courtesy of arval.be Honda

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